What the Coffee Cup Scandal Says about America

Here’s another inane scandal to keep you up at night: Starbucks nixed Christmas! I usually write about the Christian angle on these issues, but something strikes me about this one. Starbucks has gotten negative publicity for this type of cultural crusade before, and they’re back for more. Make no mistake, publicity is all this is about.

Let’s leave aside the sad fact that the 187th largest company in the Fortune 500 is a coffee shop with bitter coffee that sucks. Ever heard of Dunkin Donuts? They love Jesus, reindeer AND babies. You don’t see anyone complaining. McDonald’s and WalMart are both in major trouble, which is an indication that these types of retailers are ALL in trouble. You’ve got to give rich white guys SOME REASON to buy your stock. What better way than to salve their collective antisemitic conscience by removing a Jewish guy’s birthday from your cups? After all, everyone has a coffee pot at their house. They really don’t have to buy your product in a pinch.

Seriously though, America cured polio, invented the automobile assembly line, invented the airplane, and revolutionized agriculture and electricity. The list of prolific inventors on wikipedia is dominated by the US. Just imagine if all the resources wasted on cultural crusades and fake wars against non-existent enemies were re-channeled into productive use again.

Americans have gotten complacent. Here are some real issues facing us:

  1. Young men are leaving the labor force in droves.
  2. The police are killing over 1,000 people a year.
  3. Neocons are confronting nuclear powers Russia and China militarily for NO REASON.
  4. Social Security has been going broke for years.
  5. The real national debt is a lot more than you think.

Americans of all political persuasions would literally rather argue about coffee cups on social media than think about why our government is risking a nuclear war with Russia over a gas pipeline that has nothing to do with any vital American interest. If there’s a right answer to the coffee cup fiasco, I’m not sure such infantile minds are capable of ascertaining it.


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