The Migrant Crisis and the Failure of the Left\Right Paradigm

I’ve been thinking about this issue for weeks. The only thing that has really struck me about it is how both the conservative and liberal worldviews fail to explain what’s really going on. You know you have an issue important to liberty when it’s obscured in this way.

The left’s narrative is that we need to bring people in for humanitarian reasons. The right’s is that we don’t need more people on welfare. The left is freedom of religion. The right is purity of culture. The left is magnanimity, the right is security. I have a couple of major problems with this. The first is that no one is discussing the real issue, which is where all the migrants\refugees came from and how to get them to stop coming. I don’t care how magnanimous you are, the US should not take in every migrant or refugee in the world, so if we’re going to be adult about this, there needs to be some discussion of how to fix it.

The second issue is that this is a distraction and it’s got nothing to do with anything to which people attribute it. These are the facts of life:

  1. Both parties are always happy to bring in more people. It expands the tax base, gives them more people to rule (ergo, more power) and generally destroys the culture. Both parties are interested in this because dominant religious and ethnic majorities act as a check on government power. Governments divide and conquer.
  2. Western governments are bringing people in for geopolitical reasons. People fleeing the caliphate destroys whatever legitimacy ISIS has in the eyes of its subjects. Western countries taking them in and treating them well counters ISIS. One problem: this issue is never presented in this light. They want to treat it like a nicey-nicey moral issue instead of the bit of Realpolitik that it is.
  3. If it’s wise to welcome refugees, isn’t it wiser to not create them in the first place? NATO and the US helped create ISIS. Why is there outrage over the refugees, but silence over the funding of terrorism?
  4. “Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam,” is a nice thing to say. However, an even better thing to say would be the truth, which is that terrorism is a political tool which has nothing to do with any religion and if western countries weren’t violently meddling in foreign affairs, terrorism would not be an issue. There was not one single suicide bombing in Iraq until the US invaded.

Instead of flooding social media with posts about this issue, it might be nice for people to recognize that World War III is on the verge of starting if we don’t stop this insane foreign policy. America doesn’t need to and shouldn’t rule the world. We should come home, and we should disengage our military from foreign theaters.

Finally, if you consider yourself a liberal, it’s important to understand that unless someone moves here and starts practicing a secularized version of Islam, there really are some serious incompatibilities between Islam on one hand and Christianity\secular government on the other. Mark Gabriel was a professor in Egypt who converted to Christianity. You really can’t do that. He was kidnapped, tortured and almost killed just for changing his faith. He had to leave the country. Muslims really perform female genital mutilation, be-headings and forms of what we would call “cruel and unusual punishment,” like cutting off people’s hands and whipping them. It’s fine to admit that. It’s the truth, and it’s not racist or xenophobic. It’s also not caused by their location on planet earth. They really do support or at least allow that stuff. Guess what? That’s why they have their own countries! We don’t HAVE to bring all these people into western democracies as long as we stop destroying their governments and killing their families with drones. Try to give that at least a passing thought.


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