My Thoughts on the Orlando Shooting

I have a few thoughts on this which are likely going to be left out of the conversation.

What’s Terrorism?

As usual, anything that happens is framed inside a leftist thought paradigm that completely misses the point and doesn’t even try to be real. You hear a lot about religion. You hear a lot about homosexuality. They’re things people care about, and I get that. It’s fine, I think people have every right to mention those things. However, the shooting in Orlando was a terrorist act.

Because this was a terrorist act, the most important question doesn’t really have to do with religion or homosexuality. The most important question is: why are there terrorist attacks from Muslim extremists on American soil? Isn’t the Middle East kind of far away? Maybe some people would like to think that the US is in some kind of religious war with ISIS and other groups, but we’re not. The fact of the matter is that the US is politically and militarily embroiled in the Middle East, which stirs up anger and hatred over there, and now leads to the creation of sympathizers within our own borders.

So much for fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.

Make Up Your Mind

Why do politicians spend hundreds of billions of dollars to actively destroy the Muslim world and then fall all over themselves to tell us how great Muslims are once they attack us? It’s meant to confuse, and it’s called cultural Marxism. Look it up. Read about the Frankfurt School. Elites just want to destroy the stable political order in Western countries so they can divide and conquer. You know what a sane and moral policy is? Live and let live. Let Muslims do whatever they want in their countries and then we don’t have to worry or care. They’ll go down the tubes anyway because they’re not free and prosperous like we are, and their politicians are corrupt. If they can’t figure that out for themselves and instead prefer to have their daughters’ genitals mutilated and their oil money stolen by brutal dictators, then more power to them.

I’d also like to think that my tax dollars aren’t being spent to slaughter these people. Why are we always given the option to either destroy them on one hand or have them move in with us on the other? How about we just leave them alone, come home and enjoy the freedom and prosperity that used to be our birthright as Americans? If you want to send your money to Afghanistan to educate people, then feel free; but don’t start talking about drafting my daughter to go rebuild their schools after blowing them up. What are we really getting out of this deal anyway? Are Americans supposed to get some kind of benefit out of flushing billions down the toilet to fight these guys out in the desert? Are we really supposed to believe the Russians can take these people out, but we can’t?

Government Failure

This attack is a failure of government. How is it that they just HAVE to spy on all our text messages to keep us safe from terrorists, yet they can’t seem to keep us safe from even ONE terrorist attack? How about we face facts and realize that it’s a scam? The TSA is a scam, DHS is a scam, militarized police are a scam. Spreading democracy is a scam. Nation building is a scam. It’s a ripoff. The only goal is to send money to military contractors.

Wake Up This Time

Here’s the correct policy course:

  1. Pull the military out of the Middle East
  2. Pull the military out of Asia, Africa and Europe
  3. End security theater and funnel tax dollars into actual investigative measures
  4. Stop funding the national debt
  5. Make gold money again
  6. End foreign aid
  7. End all government engagement with the Middle East, including mass immigration
  8. Create unilateral free trade agreements
  9. Stop selling arms to the Middle East
  10. Stop antagonizing Russia and tell them to go wipe out ISIS

There’s this country not too far away from us called Venezuela that’s kind of screwed up right now. Why don’t we invest a few billion down there and buy all their oil? They could probably really use the money. Will we wake up this time?


I wrote a comment on Facebook which crystallizes my thoughts on the matter:

I think it’s easy to get on Facebook and play armchair critic of world religions after an incident like this. However, the fact is that this was a terrorist attack. Terrorism is a political tool. Terrorism occurs when individuals or small groups use the means of the state (violence and coercion) to attempt to enact a political outcome which they are unable to enact any other way. Until a few years ago, the largest terrorist group in the world was a Marxist, atheist group in Sri Lanka. Let’s also not forget that the worst mass murderers of the past 100 years (Stalin and Mao) were atheist Communists. As it turns out, some human beings are incredibly evil and they can find a justification for that evil even without any god or religion.

This is why we have secular government in this country. Secular government is a great idea. In fact, the Middle East has seen some secular leaders who were able to keep the peace much better than groups like ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qeada and the Taliban are. There was never a suicide bomber in Iraq until after Saddam Hussein was overthrown. These secular leaders have all been systematically deposed and\or assassinated by the CIA.

If you want to know what’s really wrong with the world right now, look into that, not the Quran.

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