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PHP Web Portal

This is the web portal that I designed and built for the ad agency that I work for. It was a project that I took on of my own initiative because I noticed that we were struggling to share information in an efficient manner. It includes:

  • A secure database application for storing account information.
  • A kind of message board for posting useful code snippets.
  • An application which stores scans from our all in one printer for viewing in Google Docs viewer or download. Our printer does scan to FTP.
  • An application which provides a GUI to build contact forms. The forms are turned into JSON objects. I also developed a WordPress plugin to work with the code generated here.
  • A simple text storage application for storing URLs to different types of work (for use in proposals)
  • A contacts application. Contacts can be exported as a spreadsheet or vCard.
  • A file explorer for use on our local network or VPN. It provides an interface for emailing each other local links to content or comps.

This is a rare project that I actually designed myself on the front end. I used jQuery UI.

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