Going to California

Rakel and I took a trip to Los Angeles this past June for my brother-in-law’s wedding. It was my first time going out west. We started off by missing our flight in the morning and having to wait around the airport for a couple hours to catch the next flight…an inauspicious start. We got underway eventually and ended up at LAX around 4pm.

Because we got in so late, I got to experience rush hour on the 405 first hand. Obviously, there were cars everywhere, and it was the worst traffic I’ve ever seen. The thing that struck me the most was the way motorcyclists seemed to throw caution to the wind and speed right down the middle of traffic lanes, past police cars and all. I’ve never seen that in other big cities, but maybe I don’t get out enough.

We spent most of the trip north of LA in Pasadena and the surrounding areas. We drove up more than 10,000 feet into the Sierra Madre Mountains, visited the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens and checked out the beach at Santa Monica Pier. The mountain roads reminded me of the Rockford Files. The weather was also unbelievable while we were there. It was in the 70s with sunshine every day.

I would go to LA again, but I can’t really see how people live there. Prices are very high and the urban sprawl is the worst I’ve ever seen, which is really saying something for someone from Florida.


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