Donald Trump and the Government They Deserve

I believe that people don’t necessarily get the government they want, but the government they deserve.

I see a lot of angst over the ascendancy of Donald J. Trump. Some people fear and loathe him, but the case of this election cycle is illustrative. From what I gather, people fear Trump basically because they don’t like him, he says crazy things and he doesn’t seem “presidential”. That’s why they fear him now. The prospect of a Trump presidency scares people because he seems like an unpredictable guy and they fear the power he would wield.

It seems to me that people fear the wrong thing. They fear the existence of Trump when they ought to fear the existence of power.

There is such a thing as tyranny. There is such a thing as unreasonable power which no man should wield, and the office of the POTUS has this in spades. Let’s imagine a country where a group of domestic terrorists who torture babies to death start blowing up schools. Let’s imagine the leader of this country is a saint with perfect knowledge of events who always makes the right decision. He’s king for life, he can’t be killed, and he’s the greatest man who ever lived. Should the nation give him the power to unilaterally destroy the terrorists without due process of law?

If you answered yes, then with Donald Trump, you’re getting the government you deserve. The government should never be granted this power because Mr. Saintly Leader will die one day. Then guess what? The Evil Guys who torture babies will transfer their energy from being domestic terrorists to being politicians. Then they can kill anyone they want with impunity. You can’t create a space for unreasonable power in a society without attracting people who desire unreasonable power.

This is why certain powers should be withheld. Such as:

  1. Printing money out of thin air
  2. Torture of innocent people (or anyone)
  3. Unlimited military adventurism
  4. World empire
  5. Total Information Awareness

If these are controversial, how about this one: the power to destroy the entire planet. You think maybe that one should be withheld? If you can’t trust your worst enemy with power, there’s no good reason to grant that power to the government. I guess America still hasn’t realized that, and it’s probably too late.

Finally, I will say that I don’t support or like Donald Trump, but he is a lot better on foreign policy than anyone else who is still in the race, and anyone who fears his foreign policy over people like Hillary or Rubio needs to get their head examined. He’s to be feared no more and no less than anyone else.

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