A Gay Pastor Explains What He Thinks the Bible Says About Homosexuality.

That’s what the title of this article should be. Jesus said “My sheep hear My voice,” and the Judeo Christian belief on homosexuality has been the same for a long time. Either this guy is right or Christ’s sheep apparently don’t hear His voice. Because let’s face it, this is a big issue. It’s not sideburn length. He also imports a discussion of ethics into what is a moral controversy. Christians don’t argue that homosexuality is unethical, they argue that it’s wrong. Saying “it’s a complex world,” begs the question. If he wants to demonstrate that Christians throughout time have been wrong, he needs to go back to Genesis and explain how homosexuality fits into “male and female created He them.”

Christians argue that Genesis 1 shows that God took chaos and created order, and that “it was good.” In other words, it’s an exclusive document. Night and day are good, plants and animals reproducing in kind is good, the dominion of man is good, male and female is good. These were deliberate acts by a sovereign Being capable of plunging the universe into eternal night, making narwhals rule the earth, making goats reproduce bananas or making male and male, female and female. Christians argue that the fact that He didn’t do these things means something. People who deny that argue that God’s creation actions were arbitrary, or more likely, that Genesis is a fable or allegory. That’s fine, you can believe whatever you want, but please don’t label it “what the Bible really says.”

This article reminds me of stuff you find on the Internet like…drink 8 glasses of water a day to live a long life or “eat some weird fruit to look young again.” It’s attempting to provide a quick fix, or a feel good solution. The Bible has been around for a long time, and many bright people have contemplated the big issues like this one. All they’re doing now is casting a different cultural light on the same scriptures. They’re trying to make them more accessible to our liberal society. Lest we forget, Christianity played a major historical role in the development of Western civilization to the point that we actually have competing ethical systems peacefully co-existing in the same society. That’s all beautiful. At the same time, when Christian beliefs run contrary to what is culturally acceptable, Christians have martyred themselves rather than water down their message. If Christians continue to get pushed on this issue, you could very well see that pattern repeat itself.


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