I grew up in Central Florida and I’ve lived in Seminole County my whole life. I graduated Salutatorian from Liberty Christian School in Sanford in the year 2000, and started working in IT right out of high school. My first job was with Convergys in Lake Mary doing technical support for Dell Computer Corporation. Over the next two years, Dell would proceed to outsource all of its technical support, so I moved on to BancTec Service Corporation doing onsite support for Dell, HP, Compaq, Best Buy and many other major PC manufacturers.

Three close friends and I started a band called Five Minute Plan in the year 2000 as well. Over the next seven years, we would release three self-produced albums and play shows all over Florida from Will’s Pub in Orlando to Carpenter’s Home Church and Cornerstone Florida. I also played in a band called A Denver Mile with my close friend and filmmaker James Edwin Myers during this same period. In 2008, I helped start another project called Revisionist History.

During my years as a musician and songwriter, I learned to do professional quality audio engineering and started my own studio in Longwood, Florida where I recorded several local artists. In 2005, I recorded an album with a girl named Rakel from Chicago. We hit it off, and she would eventually become my wife in March of 2008.

Rakel started a web design company called Ingero with her friends in Chicago, and I helped her set up the company as an LLC in the state of Florida in 2007. I had been working in document imaging for a couple of years when I decided to switch to web development. I learned html when I was 16 and I had designed and built several band websites during the 2000s. We started doing custom websites and I learned PHP and JavaScript.

Over the next few years, we built Ingero, LLC into a full service design agency, doing work for clients all over the world. We specialized in branding, print design and website development. Rakel got a part time job working for Kammel Morgan Design Group in Oviedo in 2008 and soon became an integral part of the company. I took over and ran Ingero with help from Rakel and a few other designers until early 2011, when I also got a job with KMDG. I’m currently a web developer with over five years of experience dealing in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. KMDG is a digital marketing agency with clients in the Fortune 500.

I’m incredibly interested in the world around me and I stay informed on current events. I have read extensively on Austrian free market economics. In 2011, I became a deacon at Jordan Baptist Church in Sanford. I also run the media and music ministry.

My hobbies currently include model railroading, chess and learning to play piano. I plan to organize and release my music on the web in the coming years, although it is not a top priority. I spend a lot of my spare time learning about new technology and furthering my skills as a web developer, which is my passion.

Rakel and I are planning to start a family and buy a home soon. This is my blog and personal site. Thanks for reading!

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