Deriving Their Just Powers from the Consent of the Governed


America was an idea. It was the “New World.” People crossed an ocean to escape European theocracies which slaughtered heretics by the millions and didn’t blink an eye. People finally wanted to live and let live. However imperfectly human beings implemented that idea is open to debate, but it was still a good idea. It was something to strive for. There has always been an equitable and just solution to the gay marriage debate. Basically, state marriage licenses and the income tax created inequality under the law. The solution was to abolish those inequitable laws. The US went from an…

What Not To Do When You Contact Me


I get a lot of inquiries through my site. Most of them are potential clients, recruiters and other people looking to work with me. Below is the most hilarious exchange I’ve had yet. I’ve changed the name and domain for this guy. Our site is located at linkremoved.com We are interested in customizing this site to work and look like linkedremovedagain.com which I just coded recently. I am looking for a site assessment in terms of a project to customize our shopping cart. Thank you , have a wonderful day -Bo Hey Bo, thanks for contacting me. I got your…

US System Leads to Inequality, Government is Powerless to Stop It


Doesn’t it feel like you’re getting poorer? That’s because you are, unless you’re super rich. The median net worth of a typical US household has shrunk 30% in the last ten years. 30 percent. What’s the explanation for this? The usual culprit for everything is freedom, but we haven’t seen an explosion in economic freedom in America since 2004. On the contrary, in 2004, the US was 6th in the world on the economic freedom index; now we’re 12th. Think of all the labor saving devices that have been invented since 2004, yet the average worker is getting decimated. In…

The Militarized Police State as an Admission that Government Doesn’t Work


Apparently, Harry Reid and the IRS are concerned about anarchists taking over. The literal meaning of the word anarchy is from the Greek and it means “without government,” but the English word is synonymous with chaos, lawlessness and disorder. Historically, some anarchists have advocated and used violence to achieve their goals. During the Enlightenment, Thomas Hobbes argued that the state of nature is a “war of  all against all.” According to Hobbes, mankind needed to create a system of law and government to end this struggle with a social contract. Philosophers long ago settled on the fact that government achieves…

The Millenial’s Guide to How and Why the Government Will Default


I’m going to stick to the facts in this post. A lot of people assume I have some political motivation for writing stuff like this. Personally, I don’t consider that to be the case. You might not hear the story below on CNN or read it in the Huffington Post, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. If you are under the impression that in order for something to be true, it must already be familiar to you (or come from a source that is already familiar to you), please read about the phenomenon known as normalcy bias. President Obama…

Julissa Mora


Julissa Mora is an incredibly talented artist and illustrator that I have the pleasure knowing personally. She designed this website herself and I moved it out of her old MODx platform into Wordpress.



Scanqueue is a long time client and they came to me to update their current site. I did much of the design of the site myself, but I maintained the general feel of the template we had originally made.

The Cycle


[Audio clip: view full post to listen] You’re making mistakes And I’m filling up pages I’m writing these lines Under dark cover of night You’re letting days pass Unaware of the danger Of them turning to years Your last hope may turn to stone But you gave into the cycle long ago Now you’re on your own And you’re searching for the strength To stand alone But when does life become worth it? You’re feeding me lines But your actions speak louder You’re letting the past Hold you captive one more day Will this every be over? I lost interest…

The Myth of Shared Values


People are guilty of a grave error concerning public policy and government. I often contemplate the reason many people fail to wake up to the depredations of the State when they are so ever apparent these days. I’ve dubbed this concept the “myth of shared values.” I would define it as: The belief that a person can exponentially increase their positive effect on the world by empowering a sect in society with values similar to their own. Christians think that by electing conservative Christians, the world will be a better place: God will stop judging America, children will respect their…

Government is for Defense, Not Security


“I think it’s important to recognize that you can’t have 100 per cent security and also then have 100 per cent privacy and zero inconvenience…” – President Barack Obama President Obama and the rest of the NSA defenders in the media and the government have used some variation of this trope when discussing the Edward Snowden leaks. It’s been said that Americans need to have a discussion on how to strike the proper “balance,” between liberty and security. Liberty defenders have trotted out the old Ben Franklin quote in response: “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a…

Race and the Individual


This week brings news of another tragic shooting, and the calls of hypocrisy from some corners of the political spectrum regarding the treatment of the incident in the news. They may be right as there can be little doubt that the media has shown tremendous bias in recent years in terms of how it reports interracial violence. I believe that with the advancement of the Internet as a news source, people are starting to take notice; but I want to focus on something that is not only under-reported in the news, it’s totally absent. During the George Zimmerman murder trial,…

Jordan Baptist Church


I developed this custom WordPress theme for my church from a design that my wife Rakel made. In addition to all the normal content pages, I created a web application for daily Bible reading which pulls a list of Bible verses and displays them according to the correct day. I was able to find a free MySQL database with the King James Bible and create this application in a relatively short amount of time.

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