It’s Time to Take the Red Pill, America

You’re going to hear so much propaganda in the coming weeks regarding the attacks in France. The media will blame religion, Assad, Putin and just about anyone or anything else it can. Hidden behind all this blarney is the plain and simple fact that the US and NATO created ISIS:

This is an undisputed fact, although anyone daring to utter it will be labeled as unpatriotic or be called some other name. If you watch the video however, it’s undeniable that terrorists are using US military equipment in Iraq and Syria. Up until now, this has been reported by various outlets. I predict that this will stop.

I pray that I’m wrong, but there may be a serious terrorist attack on American soil. At that point, it will be easy for Washington to jawbone the American people into another ground war in the Middle East. You can read my previous post about the real motivations behind this drive to war.

If you’re a conventional person who either watches Fox News and votes Republican or watches CNN and votes Democrat, it’s time to wake up. If you put any faith or credence into anything a mainstream politician or media personality says, it’s time to wake up. People are dying, why hold out any longer?

The American Narrative

The conventional narrative is that the US is a force for good in the world. We’ve attained representative democracy and effectively reached the end of history. The US is the greatest country in the history of the world because Our Revered Elders fought and died for the rights and freedoms we hold dear. We have the greatest economy. Abraham Lincoln ended slavery. Our leaders are the wisest and most learned men in history. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence rival the Bible in their impact on mankind. Our flag is a universal symbol of freedom and justice which should be displayed in places of worship.

Before I continue, I want to say that America is absolutely a great nation. America has a long list of prolific inventors. Its people are consistently the most charitable in the world. More than any other nation, it has shown that liberty is moral and it works. America is beautiful, it has a unique culture. It’s a melting pot.

Granting all that, we need to come face to face with reality. The US is a violent country which has been at war in one way or another almost continuously since 1776. Our government is an oligarchy, which is not democratic at all. Also, since the US was much freer, prosperous and less democratic for the first 150 years of its existence, why are we fighting for democracy around the world? Democracy has never been proven to be an ideal, so how is it the “end of history?” Frankly, that sounds like a religious concept. If you’re religious, that’s blasphemous. If you’re not, it’s just offensive, so why does anyone believe it?

Chances are, anyone you know who has fought in the military did it in the last 100 years. I hate to break it to you, but the government has been growing for the past 100 years. By definition, this reduces our freedom, so how is anyone in the military fighting FOR freedom? The military is part of the government. You can’t get your paycheck from the organization that’s reducing freedom and still claim to be enhancing freedom.

You can feel this next part, right? The US economy is no longer great. Millenials can’t move out of their parent’s home until their mid-30s. Labor force participation is in the tank, and more people are no longer able to retire. The economy is so weak that interest rates are still at zero almost five years after the recession ended. Countless trillions in debt do not make a prosperous nation.

Taking the red pill means you have to stop listening to all the memes spouted by lying politicians and their lap dog media, no matter how much that meme or narrative confirms your bias. In conclusion, here are several things to consider in terms of how the mainstream narrative conflicts with reality.

  1. With all its vast spying powers, why didn’t the NSA know about the French attacks?
  2. Why is Saudi Arabia our closest ally when the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi and the majority of pro-ISIS tweets come from within that country?
  3. Why did the government and the media invent a terrorist group supposedly called Khorasan last year?
  4. If Al-Qaeda is our sworn evil enemy, why is there a strategy recommending an alliance with them?
  5. If Iraq and Syria were about terrorism and Al-Qaeda, why was the plan drawn up in 1996?
  6. Why did the US back both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden in the 1980s?

The only answer is that US foreign policy is not a force for good. Its goal is to dominate people and enrich a clique of military contractors and war profiteers.

The US is only an exceptional nation insofar as we value liberty and human rights. Neither a powerful military nor a global empire set us apart. Throughout history, there have been much greater empires and armies which were much more feared than our own. The reason is because the Republic was not formed in such a way as to make an empire effective; and for the most part, the American people have never much cared about conquering anyone. It’s only the political elite in collusion with the corporatists who have crafted an evil policy of benevolent global hegemony and foisted it upon the rest of us. It’s time to get real about that. The next war the US fights in Syria is an imperial war for the purpose of installing a puppet government. That’s it and that’s all. It’s a bald attempt at a power grab, backed by lies and propaganda from an irrelevant media that no one even trusts anymore. A war in Syria has been planned for 20 years. It’s got nothing to do with religion, terrorism or freedom.

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