Conservatives, Let’s Talk

Now that the election is over and the smoke has cleared, I feel like it’s time to talk about a few things. Many of my friends know me as a Christian conservative, yet I did not vote for Mitt Romney; and I was actually very critical of him. I feel like it’s a good time now, when we’re as far away from the next election as possible, to discuss a few fatal flaws in the conservative movement and the Republican party specifically.

I am not a Republican. I registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul. Otherwise, I have never voted for a Republican candidate in any race and I have never liked or supported any other Republican for president. The Republican party has been infiltrated by the neo-conservative movement: an evil, Trotskyite faction bent on American hegemony at any cost (like 222 trillion dollars, for example). These types of people hate freedom, the Constitution, the rule of law and peace. They are no friends to Christians either.

Here’s the skinny: the conservative movement is a failure. Goldwater lost the election, Nixon nixed the gold standard and Reagan ran the deficit. Big government marches on. If you are still supporting this movement, what’s the point? Republican appointed justices gave us Roe v. Wade and Obamacare. I want to get to three points about why people who care about liberty can’t support the Republican party or the (neo)conservative movement.

1. Conservatives Don’t Believe Freedom Can Solve Problems

Conservatives will go on and on about how much they love freedom; but when problems happen, they bail people out, print trillions of dollars or pass huge entitlement programs. If you believe in liberty, what do you gain by supporting people that only TALK about freedom and never do anything about it? The great thing about freedom is that it’s not only moral; it works. That’s what conservatives are supposed to believe anyway, but when the chips are down, they will always side with the Democrats and give us bigger government.

2. Conservatives Are Weak on National Defense

All I heard from conservatives during Ron Paul’s candidacy was that he made a lot of sense, but he just needed to change his views on foreign policy. After he lost, conservatives asked us to throw our convictions out the window to support their guy. Contrary to what unthinking conservatives believe, libertarians have a reason for our views on war and peace. Namely, we think it’s morally wrong to garrison\police the world, we think it bankrupts our country and we think it makes us LESS safe. All conservatives can come up with in response is “not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama.” Excuse me for pointing this out, but this is a tacit admission that we’re right. Also, libertarians are not budging on the war issue. Multiple Orwellian perpetual wars against amorphous enemies such as poverty, drugs and “terror,” are decidedly anti-conservative and lead to nothing but big government.

3. Conservatives Co-opt and Destroy Freedom

To but it bluntly, conservatives pundits and their favored candidates suck at defending freedom. They argue for lower taxes, but support a Marxist graduated income tax. They’re perceived as wanting to cut entitlements, but they run a guy that created the blueprint for Obamacare. They’re hypocrites, and they actively participate in destroying a chance for libertarians to articulate the intellectual underpinnings of freedom. Again, what exactly are they supposed to be good on? The only thing at variance between modern liberals and conservatives is their rhetoric.

If you consider yourself a conservative, I would strongly urge you to consider the movement critically before rubber-stamping its next candidate.

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  1. Nathan says:

    his kingdom was not of this world. HOWEVER, the Christian’s duty shloud never be reduced in such a way as to exclude all forms of political involvement. Christian duty can overlap with polotical involvement, and does. Voting is the easiest and simplist way to love your neighbor by doing what you can do to make the situtation of your fellow neighbors and future of those not yet born, the best it could be. If we Christians didn’t vote, we may loose more than political power in addition to the abortion issue already mentioned, the political right to talk about homosexuality in the pulpit could become a hate crime. The right to engage people in the public square with the gospel could become religious harrasement, etc. You get the idea. So Love your fellow Christians (those alive today and those whose future MAY depend on today’s voting polls) and love your neighbors alike VOTE! Even if politics is intimidating to you, and it all seems complicated to follow, at least ask Evangelicals who you trust who you shloud vote for and why, then make a decision and vote.Ask yourself: If you were born in America in the year 2100, and by that time the preaching of the gospel was outlawed (don’t think it couldn’t happen) and you had to risk your freedom just to tell your neighbor about Jesus and all this could have been avoided had your parents generation VOTED, you would say: Gee thanks Guys, now we get to go to jail for our faith. Nice Lookin’ out. We shloud make pin’s that say: Love Your Neighbor: VOTE. Love Your Children: VOTE

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