No One Died for Your Rights, and Voting is not a Right


A common extremely ignorant thing that I hear from people is that everyone should vote because people died to give us that right. People also say this in reference to freedom of speech when they’d like to silence someone who disagrees with them. I think that people assume they’re being patriotic when they say this. The trouble is, it’s pretty un-American. If you say it, I would encourage you to stop. No one has ever died for anyone’s rights. That concept is actually a contradiction in terms. This meme takes two forms “someone died to give you the right to…

My Thoughts on the Orlando Shooting


I have a few thoughts on this which are likely going to be left out of the conversation. What’s Terrorism? As usual, anything that happens is framed inside a leftist thought paradigm that completely misses the point and doesn’t even try to be real. You hear a lot about religion. You hear a lot about homosexuality. They’re things people care about, and I get that. It’s fine, I think people have every right to mention those things. However, the shooting in Orlando was a terrorist act. Because this was a terrorist act, the most important question doesn’t really have to…

Donald Trump and the Government They Deserve


I believe that people don’t necessarily get the government they want, but the government they deserve. I see a lot of angst over the ascendancy of Donald J. Trump. Some people fear and loathe him, but the case of this election cycle is illustrative. From what I gather, people fear Trump basically because they don’t like him, he says crazy things and he doesn’t seem “presidential”. That’s why they fear him now. The prospect of a Trump presidency scares people because he seems like an unpredictable guy and they fear the power he would wield. It seems to me that…

The Migrant Crisis and the Failure of the Left\Right Paradigm


I’ve been thinking about this issue for weeks. The only thing that has really struck me about it is how both the conservative and liberal worldviews fail to explain what’s really going on. You know you have an issue important to liberty when it’s obscured in this way. The left’s narrative is that we need to bring people in for humanitarian reasons. The right’s is that we don’t need more people on welfare. The left is freedom of religion. The right is purity of culture. The left is magnanimity, the right is security. I have a couple of major problems…

Does Government Reduce Freedom?


A criticism that I received more than once on my last article was the assertion that government reduces freedom by definition. I can demonstrate that this is the case. Many Americans would not deny that despite any good they may have done, most governments throughout history have indeed reduced freedom. The exception would be our own country and other western democracies. This is not logically consistent. The Declaration of Independence says: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,…

It’s Time to Take the Red Pill, America


You’re going to hear so much propaganda in the coming weeks regarding the attacks in France. The media will blame religion, Assad, Putin and just about anyone or anything else it can. Hidden behind all this blarney is the plain and simple fact that the US and NATO created ISIS: This is an undisputed fact, although anyone daring to utter it will be labeled as unpatriotic or be called some other name. If you watch the video however, it’s undeniable that terrorists are using US military equipment in Iraq and Syria. Up until now, this has been reported by various…

What’s Really Going on in Syria?


Do you ever notice how nothing makes sense about Syria? The reason it doesn’t make sense is because you’re probably approaching it with the presupposition that there’s some kind of strategy in place which is meant to accomplish a reasonable goal. That’s where you’re wrong. Once you wipe that away, you can begin to see as through a glass darkly. What you’re going to want to do first is read this. It’s a paper written in 1996 by AEI, a neoconservative think tank which is very influential in US foreign policy. This basically lays out the “plan” such as it…

What the Coffee Cup Scandal Says about America


Here’s another inane scandal to keep you up at night: Starbucks nixed Christmas! I usually write about the Christian angle on these issues, but something strikes me about this one. Starbucks has gotten negative publicity for this type of cultural crusade before, and they’re back for more. Make no mistake, publicity is all this is about. Let’s leave aside the sad fact that the 187th largest company in the Fortune 500 is a coffee shop with bitter coffee that sucks. Ever heard of Dunkin Donuts? They love Jesus, reindeer AND babies. You don’t see anyone complaining. McDonald’s and WalMart are…

A Gay Pastor Explains What He Thinks the Bible Says About Homosexuality.


That’s what the title of this article should be. Jesus said “My sheep hear My voice,” and the Judeo Christian belief on homosexuality has been the same for a long time. Either this guy is right or Christ’s sheep apparently don’t hear His voice. Because let’s face it, this is a big issue. It’s not sideburn length. He also imports a discussion of ethics into what is a moral controversy. Christians don’t argue that homosexuality is unethical, they argue that it’s wrong. Saying “it’s a complex world,” begs the question. If he wants to demonstrate that Christians throughout time have…

Technology and Human Nature

Mountains by the beach

One of the most widely published explanations for the state of nature is Hobbes’s war of all against all. One of the most widely considered aspects of the human condition is the conflict between good and evil. In his natural state, would every man really war against every other? In terms of how people actually live their lives, are these really the conflicts we deal with? No. State of Nature I’ve discussed this before, but it’s fairly obvious that the state of nature is for the productive majority to peacefully cooperate while the unproductive few attempt to steal from them….

Oh, By the Way, The Election Doesn’t Matter


I’m not naive enough to think that many people don’t already know this on some level; but with the inevitable frenzy that accompanies the quadrennial spectacle in this country, it warrants a reminder that it really, REALLY doesn’t matter. As Frank Zappa said “Politics is the entertainment branch of industry.” Unless you’re an executive at a mega corporation, the outcome of any given election won’t make much difference to you or anyone you know. Elections are reality TV. Whatever happens will happen whether Mannequin A or Mannequin B is elected. How do I know? Because science. If science isn’t enough…

Render Unto Caesar


What is God’s view of government in the Bible? It’s a pretty simple question which can be illustrated with four figures in the Old Testament, yet many botch up the answer terribly. That’s propaganda for you. Nimrod The first mention of government in the Bible is Genesis 10. We don’t know a lot about Nimrod from the text itself, but tradition holds that he was a king who attempted to build a tower into the heavens to find God or escape judgment. God was displeased and confounded man’s language, destroying Nimrod’s attempt at world government in direct opposition to God….

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